Latest happenings

Take a look at all that I've been up to most recently, from my latest commissions to my workshop creations.  Take a look at my gallery for examples of all types of creations that I work on and head on over to my case studies to see some of the commissions that I undertake and the process involved.

I've been working hard on my stand for the RHS Garden Shows that I'm doing this year - first one's in Cardiff a week after Easter and, as far as we know, it's still going ahead. Take a look through images from the original drawing to the canopy welded. It's now gone to be galvanised while I work on the support and all of the other elements of the stand.

I'll add this to my 'case study' area once it's done - it's quite a mammoth project!

Here are some railings that I've had the pleasure of working on for an existing client. The steel balls were firmly attached to the ground - once the base was in place the rail was fitted. Great to be working with customers that I've had the pleasure of working with before. Just one final coat of paint to add... if only it'd stop raining!

Here's a gigantic arbour that I've been working on. it's slowly moving forward and has been both inside and outside the workshop at various stages. you can see the scale model that I made in the video clip below.  The customers have seen it an are pleased with the look and feel. The overall scales is fairly epic and it's already starting to feel cosy inside. The structure is in primer at the moment and I'll be adding this as a case study once it's finished - it'll be great to show you the various stages.

Some really good customers who love my work have commissioned the attached sketches. The steel arrives tomorrow and I'll start chopping it up to make these beauties. All to be finished in a low sheen black

The railings and gates are done and now painted, loaded onto the trailer awaiting installation tomorrow morning.  I'm really pleased with the finish. I'm looking forward to installing them to finally see them as I intended!