Latest happenings

Take a look at all that I've been up to most recently, from my latest commissions to my workshop creations.  Take a look at my gallery for examples of all types of creations that I work on and head on over to my case studies to see some of the commissions that I undertake and the process involved.

A special order for a friend and client - dragonflies on bulrushes! Glad my posts/website inspire people to think outside of boxes - I'm always happy to chat about modifications or about commissions - take a look at the rest of the website: the gallery, case studies or the shop to get some ideas and get in touch

Keep your eyes peeled for this critter - my fabulously enormous mosquito will be up for sale in my online shop shortly... just waiting to give him a phosphorous coating so that he can be seen in the dark! Fancy this in your garden? By all means get in touch

A spare leaf that I had left from another project - now made into a really cool leaf sculpture. Take a scroll through the images and you'll see it galvanised. Just waiting final patination treatment then it'll be heading into my online shop

Here's a massive dragonfly that I've been working on in action. With a wingspan of around 6ft and painted in phosphorous paint so that it'll glow in the dark, it'll certainly stand out in its new home! Watch the video - the new owners will have holes sited in their garden so that the dragonfly can move around in its new setting ... love it!
Commissions always welcome - get in touch!

I've started on the second arbour (you'll remember the original that was to be used at the RHS garden shows and is now in my online shop). This one's big! The leaf form is over 5 metres from top to end of tail, it's not overly heavy but it is a beastie of a canopy. This is going to be pretty spectacular once I've finished it - I've been playing around with the design and may create a second leaf to be one of the supports instead of an obelisk? We'll see what happens ... I'm also designing an asymmetric bench that'll be galvanised and patinated to match the leaf canopy, so that it can sit underneath. Follow me on social media to see progress or drop me a line or give me a bell if you could see this in your garden

Most jobs begin with a sketch, others then progress with a scale model to help me explain my ideas and gain approval before the metalwork begins. Here's a half-covered archway for along the side of my customer's house, to create a covered walkway but without touching the house. There is also a sheer drop to the other side of the walkway, so this structure needed to create a fence to keep the client's young daughter safe. I spent a day welding this together on site (socially distant, of course) - and then went back and painted it. So pleased that it fulfils both form and function. 

I've been working on something for my own home out of necessity! This burnished and lacquered steel gate is to be used indoors - it's a dog vs cats gate - I'm sure many of you are familiar with this scenario!? Moose is too eager to muscle in on Rameses, Cindy and Zorro and they're not too keen on this newcomer ... he's not quite as calm and sleek as the cat crew! Let's hope harmony will be soon be restored and the gate eventually becomes redundant.
Let me know if you need any creative metal help with restoring your harmony!

I've been working hard on my stand for the RHS Garden Shows that I'm doing this year - first one's in Cardiff a week after Easter and, as far as we know, it's still going ahead. Take a look through images from the original drawing to the canopy welded. It's now gone to be galvanised while I work on the support and all of the other elements of the stand.

I'll add this to my 'case study' area once it's done - it's quite a mammoth project!

Here's a gigantic arbour that I've been working on. it's slowly moving forward and has been both inside and outside the workshop at various stages. you can see the scale model that I made in the video clip below.  The customers have seen it an are pleased with the look and feel. The overall scales is fairly epic and it's already starting to feel cosy inside. The structure is in primer at the moment and I'll be adding this as a case study once it's finished - it'll be great to show you the various stages.

I rustled up three pairs of arches for a special birthday for someone quite famous! They were delivered and the client's have sent some pictures of them in situ - don't they look great?!