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Leaf Arch

Leaf Arch


Two iron garden obelisks with extra long tendrils, masses of infill and new leaf details forming an archway. Each obelisk/frame is made by hand and cold formed creating these beautiful shapes.  


Supplied in bare steel they can be painted but we prefer to see them rust gently into their environment! The main uprights are made from 12mm steel rod and the balls are hollow with a diameter of 4cm/40mm. 


As you can see from the pictures, the design of these allows for the archway to be adjusted so that it is either taller, wider, closer or smaller based on how you set it in the garden. They're very flexible and versatile which makes them very popular. These items can be placed freely in a garden and push gently into the soil. Supplied with two 18 inch long anchors which can be driven into the soil to hold them in place.

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