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Case studies

Home for Ancient Olive Trees​

My incredible customers do give me some really enjoyable projects to work on. In this case, a previous customer returned with another challenge (see the Garden Arbour with a Difference for the previous project):

Having bought two amazing olive trees, my customer wanted planters for them to be housed in. He also wanted to adorn a door, within the same location, with a leaf shaped canopy. When you get to pictures of the finished project, you'll see the contrast between the building and the lead-effect, patinated metal structures and the way in which they work beautifully together.

Take a look through the gallery of images at the process each of the elements went through: for the canopy, I mocked up a real-sized door on the wall of my workshop to show how the finished piece would look; for the planters you can see imagery and watch videos of them from their skeleton through the construction process.

I love the end result of this project, and I'm so glad that my products fit so well in their new home!

Lydia the Lark​

A great commission from the owners of a brand new, self-build home in North Suffolk. The lark inspiration came from the name of the original house on the site and my customers wanted me to create a canopy of their front door. 

As with most of my projects, drawings are approved by my customers and then, with the larger pieces, a maquette is made, both for me and my customers to see how the final piece will look, in 3 dimensions, when it's complete. The design incorporates obelisk supports and a huge lark shaped canopy. The obelisks are adorned with seed-head finials made with giant blue marbles. 

Take a look at the images to see the process from the original drawings, through to the forming of the structure, the final build, galvanising and patination. We had a trial fitting when Lydia was complete - luckily there were some ground workers on site that day as it took six of us to get Lydia into position. The final installation went without a hitch and I'm massively pleased and proud of the end result. Lydia has found her new roost and makes an entrance for all to see!