Case studies

Ballustrade with bullrushes

Having met these customers at Helmingham Hall, I looked forward to working on this commission... an indoor ballustrade for their apartment building - an old oast house.


The Curious Case of Claude


The story of a spider, from concept to installation in his new home.


Commissioned by clients to produce a 10ft x 10ft spider to be installed in their 12ft garden... definitely one of my stranger commissions!


Victorian-style Gates


A traditional pair of gates made for a client. It's only under exceptional circumstances I will do old-skool metalwork these days. This kind of metal fettling looks easy but it isn't!

Bike seat stool!


An amazing client (she' ex-RAF and flies choppers privately!), loves cars and motorcycles and is a bit of a collector. She asked me to produce a stool for her gin bar (who doesn't have one?!), using the pillion seat form a motorcycle - how could I refuse something that bizarre!

12' 60/40 Gate


I enjoy projects where my clients allow me to run riot with my designs! Here are a pair of gates installed in Offton, near Ipswich. A 12 ft span with a 60/40 split allowing for a pedestrian gate to the side. All left in bare steel so that they rust. 

The Woodland Family


As a result of creating stools called the 'ugly family', I was commissioned to create a set of four side tables. They needed a nickname too!


I began by creating the legs.

The ugly family

I was asked by some amazing clients, that had worked with me before, to design and create some bar stools for their kitchen. The brief:

  • we love your design, we'll go with what you think

  • we're currently using odd bar stools as the floor is uneven

So, here's were we began...

The patio table

Here's a table from early 2017 for some wonderful clients I met over the previous Christmas.

The design for the base is inspired by the gnarly willow trees lining the banks of the river Stour between Flatford and Dedham where I grew up.

The Swan

Creating a sculpture to reflect the tranquil setting of this private client’s millpond, I began this swan by cutting out stainless steel willow leaves to form the structure

The Diver

Creating a 'diver' to serenely balance at the water's edge, was a brief that required creativity, engineering and mathematics.

The first job was the prototype - designed to look at proportion and feasibility

The leaf


A leaf-shape portico over the client's front door meant creating a steel frame and offering it up to the wall to ensure a perfect fit

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