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Kevs Summer Fest 2023: We had a magnificent weekend at Fields Farm Shop and Cafe - the weather was just perfect, the dulcet tones of Jess Withers set the mood perfectly and we had storytelling for the children from Gerry at Bards Aloud. And that's without all of the incredible traders that chose to sell their amazing wares with us over the weekend. Here's to 2/3rd December for some great Christmas Shopping!

Kevs Spring Fest 2022: The first home-grown event of the year - and what an event of extremes it was! On Saturday May 7th we had pretty-much non-stop torrential downpours; on Sunday 8th we had blazing sunshine. Our traders shone through on both days and, despite the day of bad weather we beat our Christmas 1300 footfall and more than 1500 of you joined us over the weekend - thanks to you all: traders and guests... a fantastic time was had by all!

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2021 - my stand: My first RHS Flower Show - it was amazing and incredibly humbling to meet so many creative gardeners and people with vision for their own gardens. Take a look below at my show stand, and then see images of the show gardens that we saw, the celebrities that we met and the flowers.... amazing!

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2021; show gardens: The show gardens really are mindblowing - the concepts, the execution and the impact that they had on visitors were stunning.

Flowers: So many beautiful blooms - plants and flowers that were just out of this world: from a Victorian Parlour showcasing aspidistras to orchids with 'teeth' - so many things to see and smell!

Celebs at Hampton Court Flower Show 2021: Some selfies, some passing by - it was great to see so many people doing their own thing and having such a great time.

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