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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my new website - an insight into my world and my work. Read all about me (which sounds terribly narcissistic but actually just explains how I got started and what I enjoy!). Take a look at the galleries of images that I've set up to show you some of the projects that I've been involved in - the case study pages gives a more in-depth look at a few creations from start to finish.

If you fancy a chat, by all means contact me or find me at one of the fairs, markets and country shows that I exhibit at from time to time - I love to begin a project with a good, in depth conversation about your thoughts and build from there. I've also imported my eBay shop into the website to make it easier for you to take a look at creations that I've made and are selling 'off-the-peg'.

So, come in, make yourself at home, take a look around and get in touch if you fancy discussing creative metalwork, commissions or cars - I look forward to chatting.

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