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Paying it forward

I wanted to write a blog, not to blow my own trumpet, but to blow the trumpet of a team of people that are doing a great thing...

I made a gift for La Tour Cycle Cafe on Ipswich Waterfront recently - it's a vine-like surround for their bar and I installed it for them in their amazing coffee shop/cafe/hangout in the most amazing building.

I've been so moved by the generosity of Anna Matthews and her team - they selflessly look after the homeless men and women in our town. Here's an example ... I once called in to see Anna only to be told that she'd gone to Primark to buy clothes for a homeless man who had appeared and had nothing - she is truly amazing.

Sew where you want to go folks - do you want to see people lifted up and out of poverty? Do you want to see the young men and women in our community clean of drugs and carving good, healthy lives for themselves? You may not be cash rich, but you are skills rich ... we're all good at lots of things. Use what skills you have; they may be aesthetic, like mine, but they can still make a difference. I like to think that paying it forward will bring a smile to people's faces by adding another quirk to the already quirkily warm and welcoming venue.

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