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Looking forward to the year ahead...

So, we have a roadmap out of lockdown... woohoo! It's been a heck of a past year hasn't it? Glad to see the back of it as we head towards the anniversary. But let's not dwell, let's take a massively positive and exciting look forward to what this year brings:

Out and About

Here's the first exciting thing! The weekend before Fathers' Day (present-buying opportunity... just saying!), we're holding a weekend market. Very similar to Kev's Christmas Market but more condensed, much bigger and, hopefully, with music, seating and other interesting features!

We've had a superb response from all of those stallholders that made the Christmas event so amazing and almost all of them will return in the Spring. We've got new stallholders lined up too and can't wait for this one.


The second exciting thing is that I'll be at the incredible Hampton Court Palace from 7th to 11th July - it's an honour to be bringing my wares to such a prestigious event and I know I'm just going to be in awe of the palace itself and all of the other exhibitors


This one's always a great event - it's one that I never miss and this year, the Spring Fair's being spread over two days in May to allow more people to visit safely, and for everything to be a lot more Covid-safe.

I hope to meet you all at one of these events. Take a look at my events page for more details of each of them.


Workshop News

In other news, I've updated my workshop to allow more space for stock and for commissions - adding in a mezzanine and windows to let more light in too. With all the events coming up, things for sale in my online shop and commissions that I've got on the books, I'll need to ensure that I don't run out of standard wares like arches, obelisks, hornets and orbs!


New In Stock

Since Christmas, I've added some new items to my online shop:

A bird feeder with 3 hooks (can have 6 hooks - ask for details): £175

A butterfly arch - made in two halves, similar to my standard archway but embellished with beautiful creatures: £550

Stour Valley Half Arch - based on the willows that grow along the Stour at Flatford: £425


Special Offer!

I'm currently offering something exciting in my online shop:

If you spend over £100 in my online shop, I'm throwing in 3 free glass orbs (value: £45)

I've also recently made a small run of some different glass lawn orbs - I'm calling them 'pink champagne' and 'ice'. A peach translucent and a blue tinted clear - both with extraordinarily large air bubbles. These are £15 each and I'm also offering these as the 3 orbs you can have free with all orders over £100 in my shop. Just make sure you ask for them in the notes when ordering!


Commission News

I'm currently working on several commissions and I'm predicting several months of total craziness as I've got some municipal projects, private work and show prep to work on and I want to be prepared.

I'll be working on some whacky railings for a community garden project in West London, two very involved canopies and some absolutely enormous planters for two huge olive trees, and I'm also working on some glass-topped garden furniture. Exciting times!


I'm massively optimistic about this year - with vaccines now being given to all of the most vulnerable groups, things are looking up. More events are on the calendar and it won't be long before we can all get together and celebrate just that: getting together!

As always, I'm up for new commissions, I'm always happy to learn of new events and, with Kev's Spring Fest coming up in June, get in touch if you're a local maker or independent trader... we want to do all we can to support as many as we can as we know times have been tough.

Hope to see you all as soon as possible

Keep Safe



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