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News from the workshop and beyond...

Hi folks

Well, as those of you that follow me on social media will know, it hasn't been the best end/start to the year for me and my family - sadly we lost my mum to Covid and my dad's been pretty poorly too - he's fighting it and improving each day with the love of his family on his side.

My mum was the biggest fan of my work and I'm proud to say that. She had several underlying health issues and was blind - when I created the first hornet, I took it into her room so that she could feel what it was like before I went into production - she loved it!

For those of you who knew mum, you'll know that she loved to bake and to feed people. Something you probably don't know is that she also always wished she had long blonde hair (like my daughter). I now like to think that she's going to have entered the pearly gates having made a deal: cake for a new style and that she's looking after everyone up there just as she did down here.


As a consequence of family things, I've been doing a lot of clearing out of the workshop and I'm now spending time on new creations - drawing and planning for lots of new creative metalwork to add to my stock and online shop. Having time out to spend creating and drawing is just the tonic to be able to begin a new chapter and to look forward to what looks to be a much more positive new year. As a result of the workshops clear-up, there are lots of things that I've got in stock that I'd like to find new homes for - find them all in my online shop and all can be delivered as early as the end of next week by arrangement:


Although we don't want to look back to 2020, I do want to thank everyone who supported Kev's Christmas Market. I know, from feedback that I've had from visitors, that it was a huge success in terms of the quality of stalls that we had - I'm not sure that anyone left empty-handed! Feedback from our trusty band of incredible stallholders was that they felt supported and, despite being a little cold and wet on occasions, they'd love to do it all over again!

So, we're planning a Spring event - we've yet to set a date; it all depends on lockdowns and the pandemic situation and so we'll be watching guidelines closely and working with our traders to figure out the best plan of action. What we do know is that it'll be fun, it'll be safe and we know it'll be full of the most amazing local makers and independent traders that you'll find anywhere ... watch this space - we've learned a lot from our first fantastic festive fair-in-a-field!


To those of you that joined us, you'll know that we ran a competition for all attendees to win one of my arches - well, we did exactly that and we had a winner! Mr Finch has taken delivery of his new garden archway and is delighted.


In other news, one of our amazing traders is a TV star! Henry Moore, aka Pot Punk ceramics has just been able to disclose that he's appearing on The Great Pottery Throw Down that starts on Channel 4 tonight (Sunday 10th Jan) at 7:45pm. If you joined us on the last weekend of our market, you'd have met the incredibly talented Henry - take a look at his profile, he's not just a potter and he deserves this massively - we'll all be watching every week... excited! Follow Henry on Instagram for updates


So, it just remains to say Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people that follow my work and that support the things I do. Please do contact me with any questions you may have, and also to chat about commissions. We know we've all got to begin thinking about our Spring gardens fairly soon - even though we probably don't want to spend too much time out in them right now!

I'm looking forward to working on some new designs and commissions and to making this year the best it can be. I'm looking forward to Hampton Court Flower Show in July and to all other events that may take place as we move into a safer time.

Stay safe, Kev


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