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Had fun, more to come...

I've just had a fantastic four days at the Essex Craft and Design Show at Hyde Hall in Essex. What amazing weather!

Met some great people, the weather was just perfect and managed to wander around the grounds once I'd set up - what an amazing place Hyde Hall is:

So, now that I'm back in the workshop, I'm getting ready for my next adventure - this Sunday I'll be in a pub carpark (what's not to like?!). The Woolpack, Ipswich, is home to That Sunday Market, a collective of vintage sellers and makers from

10am-3pm on 13th May - the same day that the area also has a garage sale trail in the area.

Come on down and meet us all - beer and vintage, beer and makers, beer and garage sales, beer and food - who could resist?

- See you there!

Kev :-)

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