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Creations and their new homes

Hi all

I hope you're having a great summer? I can tell you, welding in 102 degrees Fahrenheit is not the most enjoyable experience!

I've managed to get out and about quite a lot recently which has been amazing - always great to meet people face-to-face and to share some of my creations across the region - if you've seen me at the Suffolk Show or Glemham Hall, just to name a couple of great places, you can't fail to have missed the spider - he looks great in lots of settings!

So, that brings me on to the subject of this blog post - my creations that their new homes:

When I'm commissioned to create something for a client, I like to visit the space where my creation will end up - it's important to me that I get a feel for the surroundings, and meet the clients in their own places. As well as lots of research into history and artistic styles, for example, I like to understand what it is my clients will expect from their final piece - whether it's a simple handrail to a complex creation that I've not tackled before.

I thought, therefore that I'd highlight a few of the pieces that I've been commissioned to make, and their new settings:

Two old favourites - a diving figure designed to stand on the banks of a beautiful pond; and a gliding bird adding drama to another body of water - both settling well into their surroundings. Important also to consider foliage and planting that sits with/near each of the pieces that I create. Transportation and setting these objects in place are two of the challenges that I have to consider with each commission:

A great piece to work on - a crucifix sculpture. You can see from the initial prototypes, when viewed from different angles, the shape of the piece changes completely. I created a video of the piece rotating so that my clients could see how it would work. Really pleased with the end result and doesn't it look great in its new home?

A lovely recent commission, a fence to border a house incorporating lucky holey stones found on the local beach. The design that I proposed to the client was based on waves - in keeping with the beach theme and a great, fluid design to create a feature at the front of the house.

Below are a selection of other projects in their new homes - from squirrel-proof bird feeders to solve a problem, to self-levelling stools to fix another. What's important to me is that form and function always go together - my creations must be eyecatching, they must fit, and be sympathetic with their surroundings, but they must also be practical and do the job that they were meant for.

Take a look at my website for more examples of my commissions and, don't forget, you can also buy off-the-shelf designs such as garden decorations, obelisks and arches in my online shop

Visit the gallery to see lots of other work that I've carried out, split into sections - if you're looking for ideas for your home, garden or workspace, there are lots of projects either there or in my case studies section to give you food for thought.

Most importantly, if you're thinking of enhancing your space, get in touch - I'd love to chat and there's nothing better than throwing some ideas around and creating some sketches - I always work with my clients to create something personal to them - you'll ultimately be living with it.

So, keep an eye out on the site, or on social media and I hope to see as many of you as I can over the coming months.

Happy summer!

Kev :)

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