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Springing into action

Were springing forward with lots of exciting plans for the new year:

New dates for the diary - take a look at the calendar for places where you'll see my creations as well as my mug this spring/summer so far - always adding more so check back if you want to catch me and my hoard!


New outlets for my metal creations - I've teamed up with several venues to display and sell my off-the-shelf creative metalwork, leaving me free to get my teeth into projects in the workshop:

  • You'll find me at the National Trust, Flatford;

  • I'm finalising details to have my products for sale in an incredible warehouse that sells all kinds of creative delights for your home and your garden - it's a total mix of vintage, antique and bespoke finds... really looking forward to that collaboration... watch this space!

  • Aaaaand, excitingly, from 26th February I'll be taking a huge space at The SHED, Sproughton in their Potting SHED area - you won't be able to miss my creations when you walk into this marvellous showroom as I'll be the first thing you see! The SHED really is a great destination - full of homeware and gardenware of all ages from antique to retro to modern, it also has a fantastic 1940s-style tea room serving lunches, snacks and afternoon tea ... believe me, it's worth a trip just to sample their delights. There's plenty to occupy a good few hours - can't wait to get set up!


New projects already completed:


A gigantic, exciting project under wraps and underway:


And then there's a new website shop coming soon. I decided, instead of giving hard-earned commission away to eBay, I'd host my own shop so that you can buy off-the-shelf creations direct from me. Both housing things in new outlets and having an online shop means that I can stay in the studio and get down to business with commissions and creations. I'll keep you posted once I launch the shop ... just stocking it now!

So, that's all for now folks - keep an eye out on social media for progress on projects and news, and take a look at my latest projects on the website and the gallery of projects that I've completed. I've also made a few case studies of interesting projects - feel free to have a browse though these too.

Until next time

Kev :)

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