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Get them while they're hot! (and other news)

As you'll have no doubt seen (if you follow me on social media), I'm having a sale! Most of my stock (apart from the smaller bullrushes and garden orbs), has a massive 20% off until 31st August. Don't miss out - you've got 3 whole days left to take advantage!

Go to my website and you'll even find that Renard the spider has had 20% knocked off (the price, not the number of legs or anything quite that mean!)

In other news, I'm really looking forward to Helmingham this year - talking of Renard, he accompanied me to Helmingham the last time I was there. Sunday 15th September is the date to pencil in your diaries - it's a great day out for all with plants and artisan craft stalls galore - more info here

I'm updating my website regularly with all of the new work that I'm doing - take a look at the gallery and case studies to see some of my latest work - I generally try to keep something current on the home page too. If you subscribe to the website, you'll never miss another update.

Hope to see you all soon - have a great rest of your Summer


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