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News, more news... and a top secret project!

What an amazing start to the new year! I hope you all had superb Christmases and that you've begun the year with as much enthusiasm as I have? There's nothing quite like being a #maker and looking forward to every new #challenge.

As a quick overview, here's a gallery of some of the #projects that I've already worked on in the first three weeks of 2020:

  • The #angelwing #gates have been delivered and installed by the customers - can't wait to see them in situ;

  • the low #table is made from two different base elements to reflect the house in which it'll live - it has a cut-out #glass top to allow the family's two children to snuggle up close and get crafty;

  • the organic form #canopy has been #zinc coated and works to protect the #door over which it sits;

  • the thumb-print #Juliette #balcony was an idea that I had to help a mother see a part of her daughter, who lives overseas, every time she pulls up to her house

In other exciting news, I'm doing (so far), 4 #RoyalHorticulturalSociety #Garden/Flower #Shows this year: #RHSTattonPark, #RHSCardiff, #RHSChatsworth and #RHSMalvern - exciting as it means I get to share my #metalwork #creations with a wider audience as well as being given space to display the larger pieces in a realistic setting... always helps not to have to imagine!

Finally (and the most exciting #news so far!) ... I've got a #secret and I'm bursting to share! I've had an email from someone quite important about a #municipal #commission that'll be revealed shortly. All I can tell you is that it'll be BIG, it'll be exciting and it'll give this particular location something else to put it on the map! The #town in question is a #tourist #resort and I'll be honoured to create a #sculpture for it.

I've recently spoken to the #client and I'm currently working on #plans, #drawings and #prices, after which I'll be working on a #scalemodel.

Keep an eye on my website 'latest happenings' section for updates or follow me on #socialmedia.

Have a great month all - I look forward to chatting new #commissions and, don't forget that my online shop has lots off #off-the-shelf pieces that you can order whenever you like!



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