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Why I love getting out and about

As I've got one of my favourite events coming up this weekend, I thought I'd write a quick piece about the reasons for loading up the trailer and bringing my work to you.

Helmingham Hall is an incredible place and I can't wait to exhibit there on Sunday - this'll be the last chance for you to look around the gardens as they close up for the winter after that:

When I exhibit around the local area, whether it be Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex, I get to meet the most interesting people and to show them examples of my work. 2 years ago, when I exhibited at Helmingham Hall, I met an interesting architect who lived in an old, converted oast house that's now a small complex of apartments. Just recently, she's been in touch and commissioned me to create a balustrade for her ... can you believe I got to work indoors!?

I'm always flattered when people commission me weeks, months or, in this case, years after first meeting me at an exhibition. I've lots of examples of that happening and it's one of the reasons that I enjoy getting out and about and meeting all of you lovely people.

Snape Maltings is another place that I met a recent customer. Another commission - this time to create a Parisien arbour for their house - read more about this here

This year at the Suffolk Show I met several people for whom I've previously done work and who wanted to talk to me about designing and building other pieces for them. At every event I've been to this year, I've genuinely loved meeting people and am absolutely over the moon when you remember me or fancy a chat.

I enjoy chatting, I enjoy throwing ideas around, I enjoy listing to ideas you may already have. That's the main reason I enjoy visiting various events and showing off my wares. It's good to talk and it's great to meet you. If you have got time on Sunday, Helmingham Hall Gardens really really are worth a visit - you'll find me near the dance floor and the brass band.

Before I go, if you have time, take a look at my website too - I'm always posting new projects in the gallery, in latest happenings and new case studies too - you never know, it may give you food for thought...

See you soon

Kev :)

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