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(Lock)down but not out!

Hi All

I thought I'd write a piece about how things are in Kev World right now - showing a few things I've been working on and updating you on the situation as it stands right now... weird but wonderful is the mood here at the moment: weird in that all face-to-face contact is out of the window for the foreseeable; wonderful in that I've had lots of lovely commissions, some great images in from you guys and the weather is still blooming gorgeous... thank goodness for that!

How amazing is this picture? Sent in by a customer, it certainly shows the butterfly, hornet and bulrushes in their best light!

After asking you to send some pictures in of my work in its new home, I've been delighted with the shots that I've received - here are a few of them below. The spider's certainly made himself at home and I'm loving the bulrushes that have been given their own plinth/stage - looks really effective.

Thanks so much to everyone that's sent pictures through.

I'm pleased to report that I'm still working flat out at the moment. I'm really fortunate in that my journey to the workshop, and all the time that I spend there involves no interaction with anyone and so it's all perfectly safe. I've been working on lots of commissions and making stock for my online shop. I've even had time to do a little job for my own home... Moose has been making a nuisance of himself with my 3 cats and so it was time to do a little forced separation to create a bit of harmony - you'll see the gate I made below (first picture):

Other projects that I've worked on, pictured above:

* Second and third pics show a set of garden lighting stakes that I designed and made - they're each topped with an individual butterfly, all set at a slightly different angle;

* Pics 4, 5, and 6 show a half-covered archway that I built, painted and installed for a lovely customer who needed something along the side of their house that not only looked creative and interesting, but also protected their young daughter from a steep drop at the side of the house. Form and function - always equally important.

* Interestingly, the next few pictures show a couple of enormous mushrooms (why not?!), that I made for a customer with a fantastic garden - they were originally designed to have 3 creative obelisks sitting alongside them but, when I went to help with the (socially distanced) installation, they were a little much - the obelisks have now been sited in another part of the garden (follow me on social media and you'll see the finished installation pics)

* Finally, I had a commission for a very special birthday for someone quite famous - I made three sets of flexible garden arches and, as you'll see, they look fantastic in their garden. Once they have climbers growing up them and they bed in, they'll look fantastic.

In other news, I've reduced all of my stock in the online shop by 10% if you like and share on Facebook - it's a little thank you to all of you that are still able to buy from people like me; started at Easter (obviously I couldn't get you an Easter egg?!), I've extended the offer whilst we're in lockdown. I'm still able to deliver free locally - if there's any further information that you need, by all means get in touch. I've also been doing lots of website updates so do take a look at case studies, latest news and the gallery to get some inspiration if you're thinking of something for the garden

At the time of writing this, all of my RHS garden shows have been cancelled for this year - I'm constantly in touch with the exhibitions that I was planning to do but, as we're all a little uncertain as to how long this situation will last, it's a little difficult to plan much at all. I feel very thankful that I'm still able to work at all - it's very hard for self-employed craftspeople right now. I'd absolutely urge you, if you're in a position to, to shop local, support independent makers and producers and help us to all carry on through and after isolation.

Do keep sending your pics in and, if you've got anything you'd like to chat about, by all means give me a call or drop me a line. If you do social media, follow me as I post at least once each day to keep you all up to date.

Stay safe and well - until the next time


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