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Critters, commissions and celebrations...

Hi all

It's about time I gave you an update on what's happening in Kev World. As lockdown eases slightly and we're coming to terms with the new (temporary) 'normal', I've been working on some exciting projects and keeping busy with stockmaking as usual - I thought I'd show you a few things that may give you some ideas.


I've been working on a couple of enormous critters - one commissioned, one just on a whim - here they are:

If you were wondering how one makes a huge dragonfly, the answer is with 5mm thick plate steel - the wings are big about 800mm in length each! I made a template first and then used this to cut out the four. Each was free-handed because I want them all to look the same but at the same time look individual... just like nature makes them. Here are a few in-progress pics:



I've been lucky enough to work on lots of commissions during lockdown. Some of these I'd already been briefed on and had dimensions and details already; some I did socially-distanced site-visits to ensure that I'd got everything I needed in order to start. Here are a few projects - take a look at my gallery, latest news or case studies if you'd like ideas for something you're thinking about - as always, I love a challenge!



It's Fathers' Day in 2 days time! I wanted to add this in here as I've got lots of things in stock for dads who deserve a garden spruce-up!

Take a look in my website shop at hornets, bulrushes, orbs and marbled orbs, obelisks and plenty of other things that would make a father very happy (speaking as one myself!).

I'm in the workshop tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday - if you'd like to come and see for yourself what there is, please do give me a bell: 07740864600 and we can arrange for a socially-distanced browse. My workshop's in the countryside and all of the items that I've got can be viewed safely.

Don't forget also that I'm still applying a 10% lockdown discount on most things in the online shop if you like/share on Facebook.


So, that's a little bit of an insight into what's going on here in East Bergholt. As always, I'm open for commissions, for online sales and for general chats about things you've always wanted to create. Do visit the website for ideas and follow me on social media - you'll find new things every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

It'd be great to hear from you, see you and to work with you ... until next time



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